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Friday, October 21, 2011
Differences between tHome and gHome plans from teltub

1 - How to choose between gHome or tHome?

PriceFeaturesQualityNumber SelectionPortingCompatible Adaptor
$5 Monthly
  1. Call Forwarding,
  2. Voicemail Transcription,
  3. Email style Voicemail
  4. Caller ID
Medium, Sensitive to home internet serviceThrough Google Voice (most US area codes)Port to Google Voice (cell phone only)TELTUB pre-configured adapter (phone/email support) / other unlocked ATAs (support only through community)
$6 Monthly
  1. Caller ID
  2. Call-in Voicemail
  3. Email Style Voicemail
  4. Call forwarding
High, ClearThrough TELTUB (most US/Canada area code)
Not yet AvailableTELTUB pre-configured adapter (phone/email support) / other unlocked ATAs (support only through community)

TELTUB’s tHome is very similar to gHome and Google Voice’s service with only a few differences.

The table above shows the main differences and you can read about each difference in more detail below


There is really nothing to mystical about this, due to tHome’s technical differences the price is $1 more than gHome.


gHome’s voice quality is very good with any almost all internet connections, however sometimes the quality suffers because of Google’s less than stellar forwarding techniques. We at TELTUB apologize on Google’s behalf and have gone ahead and fixed this tiny issue on tHome service for continuous crystal clear quality with all Internet connections.

Number Selection:

If you know about Google Voice, you know that they unfortunately do not offer their service to our Canadian friends yet and therefore a user cannot acquire phone numbers with Canadian area codes.
tHome however offers phone numbers on all North American numbers for all users regardless of geographical location.


Porting is only available with gHome through Google Voice. Unfortunately at this time TELTUB is not able to port customers’ existing numbers. We are working on supporting this feature and will make an announcement once this becomes available.

Compatible Adaptors:

We do recommend to our customers to purchase a pre-configured adapter from TELTUB simply due to the fact that our Support team may or may not be familiar with all brands and models of adapters. This would make troubleshooting nearly impossible at times and very time consuming. Also, the pre-configured adapters are automatically synced with your TELTUB account and the changes made to your account will be seamlessly transferred to the adapter. This just makes your life easy, very easy indeed. Keep in mind that when using a TELTUB adapter, you can switch your plan without having to re-configure your adapter. So, fo example if you sign up with gHome but at a later date decided to move to tHome, you can just change your plan in teltub.com and your adapter will just, well, adapt!

Having said that, our voip services work with 'most voip adapters' that support SIP protocol. Each adapter has its own tips and tricks to be properly configured and we can only provide generic configuration guidelines. So, if you are not familiar with these devices and have never configured one before you may want to get a pre-configured supported one from TELTUB to save yourself a lot of time and hassle.

2 - How does TELTUB Billing work? Do I get a bill next month?

TELTUB’s billing works very similar to the system on Google Voice. User can use the service as long as there is credit available on the account. Users get billed at the beginning of their billing cycle for the amount in accordance to the services and products they have with TELTUB. This amount will be deducted from the account.
In order to ensure continuous service, users must purchase credits via their PayPal account (or just a credit card with no paypal account) by clicking on “Charge” link from the “Billing” drop menu.
Once there, users have the choice of selection payments of minimum $10. This is due to the restriction set by PayPal. For example, we recommend our gHome users to select $15 payments for 3 month which would be equivalent to $5 monthly.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011
New look and a new product: Inbox+
It's been a while since my last post. I thought that we should let you know what we are doing and let you know about the new service that we are going to launch pretty soon.

We have made some changes to our website to make it easier for our users to access various features. We are working on a major change to improve our telephony app/service store. The interface will be similar to other app market interfaces and will support one-click purchase.

We are also finalizing the work on our new baby: Inbox+. It's basically an upgraded version of Facebook's inbox that seamlessly integrates with the current inbox. In other words, it's not yet another place to hold your messages. It's technically the same inbox with much more features the most exciting of which is the ability to send and receive voice messages.

Users who choose to upgrade to Inbox+ can communicate with their friends who may not even have the app. Those friends will receive the messages in their regular inbox folder. I am sure when they see the new type of messages they would want to upgrade too.

Inbox+ will support sending voice messages at the beginning and will eventually support real-time voice and telephone calls. Some people here in TELTUB also have crazy ideas like enabling Facebook Inbox+ users to use their inbox+ as their home/cell phone voice message box. We will see what will happen but we are very excited.

We will announce the official launch date here, on Twitter and our website so do keep an eye on these channels.

Let's voice-enable the world.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011
gHome: Now Google Voice with 7-digit dialing
The "seven-digit dialing" feature is one of the most wanted features in Google Voice and gHome (which is a home phone based on Google Voice).

We have had many emails from our users to implement this feature and now we have. You can now dial a 7-digit number with your gHome phone and Google Voice will connect your call to your local area.

Here is a post on TELTUB's forum on how to set it up.

Thursday, May 5, 2011
gHome; A free home phone based on Google Voice

We have been asked to offer gHome for free. That's a cool idea but it is very challenging to find sources of income to cover the costs instead of direct monthly payments. Anyhow, we have had many brainstorming sessions and we came up with a way that lets us offer a free home phone service based on Google Voice.

Here is how it works: If a gHome user refers only 4 friends who buy pre-configured adapters OR purchase $50 credit toward their monthly payments his/her gHome service will be free for one year. In other words, we give out $15 credit for each referral.

Those referred friends can also invite their friends and make their own service free.

Most referral programs are designed to increase the revenue through referrals but we do this to increase the growth(thus our referral program is very generous). Here is what we think: we give out the service for free if you help us grow.

So, if you like gHome but you were hesitating because it was not free, now you can have a free home phone based on Google Voice.

Interested? Take a look at our forum to learn how to do it.

Monday, February 21, 2011
Comparing gHome with other home phones
Thank you, thank you and thank you for supporting us and helping us make gHome a success. Since we publicly launched the service (in Jan), we have had many kind words, many good reviews and a just an unbelievable number of new daily customers.

For some that may not know, gHome is the first home phone based on Google Voice. It essentially turns your Google Voice into a home phone (still without 911). Users can drop their phone company for good and make Google their phone company (using gHome). The cost is $5 per month for an unlimited calling plan (to the US and Canada).

You can read what Voice Over IP experts and users are saying about us.

I just wanted to quickly write a note and compare the cost of gHome with other major providers (and even non-major ones). I saw this table and decided to add another column for gHome:

Cost Comparison




Time Warner


Monthly Unlimited

(Residential Plan)





Lowest Available Monthly Plan

(Residential Plan)

(Unlimited minutes)

(250 minutes)

(500 minutes)
No Plan$19.95/Month

(only with triple play)
Annual Unlimited Plan$60.00

($5.00 per month)

($17.88 per month)

($19.92 per month)

($39.95 per month)

($19.95 per month)
Phone Adapter$50(unlocked)Free$9.99 (After Rebate)

Free (Only if Refurbished)
By the way, did I say gHome includes US and Canada? It not only is unlimited but it includes long distance as well + features that it inherits from Google + TELTUB unique features (social features).
Do you really see any reason not to switch? Really?

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Monday, January 24, 2011
A home-phone and a cell-phone with one phone number and one bill
Do you have a cell phone and no home phone?
Do you have a home phone that you are paying too much for?

You can now have a home phone that has the same phone number as your cell phone. You can make and receive unlimited calls to US/Canada and save your minutes when talking on your home phone. Here is what you should do:

  1. Call your cell phone provider and tell them that you want to port your phone number to Google but you don't want to terminate your cell phone service. You want them to give you another phone number after you port your number to Google. Once they approve (which they will), ask them to give you the case number (just in case).

  2. Login to your Google voice account and click "settings". Then on the "Phones" tab click on "change/port".

  3. Follow the prompt and port your cell phone number to Google.

  4. Once done, call your cell phone provider and give them the case number you wrote down. They should give you a new phone number on your old plan.

  5. Forward your Google Voice number to your new cell phone number.

  6. So far, you have accomplished porting your cell phone number to Google Voice. Your contacts can still call you on this number and everything is the same as before. Now, here is how you a get a home-phone:
  7. goto http://teltub.com/ghome and register. Follow the prompts and it configures your phone line for you.

  8. gHome gives you a VoIP home phone based on your Google Voice. It uses your Google Voice account to make and receive calls and you do not loose any Google Voice functionality. You only need to have a high speed internet at home (no computer is needed).

Now when you receive a phone call, your cell phone and your home phone will ring simultaneously. You can answer the call through either one. If you pick up your home phone, you will be saving your cell phone minutes. Also, you can make calls using your home phone just like a normal phone (well, it is a normal phone). The person you are calling will see that you are calling from your Google Voice phone number (which used to be your cell phone number). You can call anywhere in the US or Canada for free.

gHome only costs $5 per month for a complete home phone (no 9-1-1 yet). Make and receive unlimited calls to US/Canada, have one phone number only and save!

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Thursday, January 20, 2011
Number portability, Google Voice and gHome
It’s crazy here in TELTUB. We are working non-stop to keep up with emails, support tickets, and new developments (how do you like having phone extensions for your business? More on this later!)

I thank all of you (on behalf of everybody here in TELTUB) for your messages, feedbacks and suggestions.

I noticed this morning that Google has opened Local Number Portability (LNP) for a limited number of Google Voice users (unfortunately not for any of us here). This is great news. We have been asked many times to support LNP. While this will be supported in TELTUB in near future, Google Voice LNP is extremely useful for gHome users.

If/when Google supports this feature users can port-in their home-phone numbers (from any provider in the US) to Google. Then subscribe to gHome and viola. They will have a full-featured home-phone based on Google Voice for only $5 per month. This plan is really not beatable for a home-phone.

Many have been already using their Google Voice phone number, as their main number but Google’s LNP support will make this even more exciting. Why would anyone not want gHome? (well, if they need a home-phone)

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