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Monday, January 24, 2011
A home-phone and a cell-phone with one phone number and one bill
Do you have a cell phone and no home phone?
Do you have a home phone that you are paying too much for?

You can now have a home phone that has the same phone number as your cell phone. You can make and receive unlimited calls to US/Canada and save your minutes when talking on your home phone. Here is what you should do:

  1. Call your cell phone provider and tell them that you want to port your phone number to Google but you don't want to terminate your cell phone service. You want them to give you another phone number after you port your number to Google. Once they approve (which they will), ask them to give you the case number (just in case).

  2. Login to your Google voice account and click "settings". Then on the "Phones" tab click on "change/port".

  3. Follow the prompt and port your cell phone number to Google.

  4. Once done, call your cell phone provider and give them the case number you wrote down. They should give you a new phone number on your old plan.

  5. Forward your Google Voice number to your new cell phone number.

  6. So far, you have accomplished porting your cell phone number to Google Voice. Your contacts can still call you on this number and everything is the same as before. Now, here is how you a get a home-phone:
  7. goto http://teltub.com/ghome and register. Follow the prompts and it configures your phone line for you.

  8. gHome gives you a VoIP home phone based on your Google Voice. It uses your Google Voice account to make and receive calls and you do not loose any Google Voice functionality. You only need to have a high speed internet at home (no computer is needed).

Now when you receive a phone call, your cell phone and your home phone will ring simultaneously. You can answer the call through either one. If you pick up your home phone, you will be saving your cell phone minutes. Also, you can make calls using your home phone just like a normal phone (well, it is a normal phone). The person you are calling will see that you are calling from your Google Voice phone number (which used to be your cell phone number). You can call anywhere in the US or Canada for free.

gHome only costs $5 per month for a complete home phone (no 9-1-1 yet). Make and receive unlimited calls to US/Canada, have one phone number only and save!

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Blogger Ernesto said...
you forgot to talk about the new cell phone number requested!!!! do we get a "new" number and if so, is the "old" number tight up to google voice only?

Blogger Farid said...
You do get a new number from your provider. The old number will be your Google Voice number (not as a registered phone but as the main number).

Blogger Patrick said...
Can I use my existing home phone number as this is what I will be replacing not my cell phone?

Blogger Farid said...

Unfortunately, at this point in time Google does not support porting-in non-cell-phone-numbers.

Hopefully they will in near future.

Blogger LindseyWuta said...
I ported my tmobile number to GV and have receive 0 text messages since. Did you have a similar problem? Also is there a way to use GV on a iphone and not be charged carrier minutes?

Blogger Gaurish Ara said...
Ok after doing these steps, is it possible to discontinue the cell phone service all together and use Google home as the only source for calls? You mentioned porting this # while asking the cell phone provider for a new number. What if you don't want a new # and just want to use the present # solely through Google home?